Display Issues on macOS

Qt6 Video Driver

If you're experiencing display issues or crashes in Anki 23.10+, you can try changing the video driver in the preferences screen, then restarting Anki.

Older Anki versions did not provide an option in the preferences, but allowed you to adjust the driver by opening Terminal.app, then pasting the following and hit enter:

echo software > ~/Library/Application\ Support/Anki2/gldriver6

It will not print anything. You can then start Anki again.

If you wish to switch back to the default, change software to auto, or remove that file.


If you experience blank screens when using an external graphics card on a Mac, you can ctrl+click on the Anki app, click "Get Info", and enable the "prefer eGPU" option.

Monitors with different resolutions

Please see this forum post.